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About Promos

To paraphrase my introduction to promos video, Promos is the TV industry term for ads that sell TV shows or movies. There are several reasons why, as a profession, promo production has always been a bit of a mystery, because:

1/. In the wider business world "promos" means something else entirely.
(TV promos might be better described as point of sale marketing.)

2/. Most people have absolutely no idea about how much time and trouble goes into just a few seconds of television.

3/. Through formulaic format and intense repetition, we have trained viewers to ignore promos completely. Promos is to TV what spam is to email.

There is a whole economic aspect to promo production as well, as I discuss in my online keynote seminar: In Defence Of Promos.

The industry has enabled people to spool over ad breaks entirely; and, more and more people are experiencing completely ad-free viewing via the internet at sites both legal and otherwise.

Moreover, the business has identified promos as a "cost centre" and is doing its darnedest to produce them as cheaply as possible.

I'm forced to–– once more–– declare that I believe this to be a great shame; as promos, when done right, still have an incredible ability to steer a company's fortunes.

Promos Aint What They Used To Be

There are now many ways in which TV channels communicate with their audience. More importantly, there are many other "non-TV companies" engaged in exactly the same kinds of communication.

It is for this reason I am leaving the TV-centric term "promo" behind; and, why my pro seminars are now for any body, communicating any message, to anyone.

Sure, the empire may strike back. But it appears to me more likely that "promos" are in the process of being recycled, reincarnated and re-named.

Same job, new title. Watch this space.