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A collection of assorted stuff from around the internet that somehow relates to promo making.

generic brand video

Using only stock footage, this video cheekily reveals the [mostly bullshit] structure at the core of standard, multi-national corporate "branding campaigns"... the kind you only ever see at airports, or when watching CNN in your hotel room. Awesome.

the faces of facebook

People who communicate to millions of people need some way of reminding themselves just how many people that is. The Faces of Facebook website is one way of visualising large audiences; albeit to extremes.


everything's a remix

Kirby Ferguson's internet documentaries on copying and creativity are simply a must-watch! Run, don't walk to see these now.
(And pledge your support by donating a buck or two.)


things real people don't say about advertising

Next time you think you've come up with your channel's next kick-ass tagline, visit this site and give yourself a reality check.



I believe in advertising

A collection of mostly print advertising from around the world.

Most of it is outrageous style over substance. Some of it is straight out of Mario Pricken's Creative Advertising. (see the book section). But occasionally there is some real jaw-dropping stuff; well worth taking a moment to study.


roy's writing tools

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark is available in book and podcast form. While its “50 essential strategies” are specifically for journalists, this free podcast is still a must-listen for any promo producer who sees themselves more on the writer’s side of the aisle. Applying the teachings of journalism to the world of promo making may be a stretch at times, but if you find yourself writing more long-form stuff, you will definitely benefit from this.

If you like what you hear, you can buy the book version that has all the stuff from the podcast with more detail and examples.


phantom menace review: parts 1 to 7

This series of videos ends up being about the most intelligent and detailed analysis of why the Lucas Star Wars prequels suck.
But it is, at times, the most disturbing and... downright weird.

I can't put my hand on my heart and recommend this wholesale, as the enterprise is compromised by the reviewer's narration style and seriously off-colour humour. So be warned.

However, if you want a film school-grade education in story logic in 70 minutes; and don't mind harsh language and the odd torture porn reference, then this is amazing.



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