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Random Quotes

I promised myself I'd never use them in my seminars.
But then again, there are some quotes that I really relate to.

So here's a brief list of aphorisms that echo my approach to TV promos; which at the same time allow me to keep my sessions almost completely quote free.

"An era can be said to end
when its basic illusions are exhausted."

Arthur Miller

"In communications, familiarity breeds apathy."

William Bernbach

"What I do for a living might not be very reputable; but I am.
In this town I'm the leper with the most fingers."

Jack Nicholson, The Two Jakes

"How do you know you have chosen the right calling for your life?
...when not doing it is not an option."

The Venerable Peter Thompson

"Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water."

Zen Proverb

"Either hold a rock concert, or a ballet;
but don't hold a rock concert and advertise it as a ballet."

Warren Buffett

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