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How To Write A Resumé

Because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Promo managers can busy themselves with all sorts of things.
But they hardly ever busy themselves reading resumés.
I dunno, it’s just another industry-wide character flaw I guess.

Resumés that are hardly ever read means resumés are never checked. (Which might explain why television is so chock-a-block with sociopaths.)

So, the first rule of resumé writing is contain it to one page.

It’s got the best chance of being read that way. Anything else is just too intimidating for any manager, especially one with the niggling distraction of some Force-7 meddling to do.

Worse, your resumé is probably going to get filed in some place it can never ever be found, so why go to the trouble of writing a ten-pager?

Most importantly, a promo producer is required to get their point across quickly; and a manager will be looking for that.

So all you need is:

• your name (correctly spelt, where possible)
• your phone number and email
• a quick outline of where you worked and what you did
• a contact from each of those places who worked with you.

That’s it, baby.

You might want to print it all on some other-than-white coloured paper to help it stand out in the pile/file/tray/rack/box/bin.

But that’s pretty much all you need.

How Not To Write A Resumé

Here's all the things you don't need to include:

Your address
Why should anyone give a shit? (If they do, they’re not worth working for anyway.) As long as you can get your arse in to work each day, that’s all that matters… or should matter.

What school you went to
Especially if you went to a private school. You may have spent your formative years being indoctrinated by your school principal that merely mentioning the name of your alma mater would grease your career motor. But in promos it doesn’t matter.

Your photo
It’s just wrong on so many levels. You’ll just end up giving the manager the wrong idea. Especially if you’re half decent looking. Your showreel is the only thing anyone should want to see. Who cares what you look like?

Your hobbies
Unless you collect deadline extenders.

Personal Mission Statement
I am a dynamic self-starter who is committed to being the best promo producer I can be … and my mummy loves me very, very much.

Seriously, no manager ever said:
“Hmmm… This person has no experience, but he says he’s ‘dynamic’.
I think we’ll give him a go”.

Never. Ever.

Any kind of wacky-ass gimmick
that involves any kind of:
• envelope craft (glitter, hi-lighters, textas etc etc).
• lines like “John Smith: Coming to a Channel near You… Soon!”
• stunts at reception (Gorillagrams, Balloons, Flowers)

You’ll only compel current staff members to make comments to the manager like: “You’re not going to hire the fairy floss chick, are you?”

Having said that, chocolate is always appreciated.

Good Luck.


Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+

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