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Promo Workshop

part 4 of 7: Scene Selection
how to watch TV (like a pro)

You only think you know how to do this!
Before you can proceed, there's a very important lesson to learn.

Continuing on from episode 3, this instalment shows you how to know which parts of a show to include in your promo. Scene selection isn't as easy as you might believe; in fact, it requires a whole new way to watch and analyse entertainment.

The classic definition of writing is to select available words from your vocabulary to communicate a particular message. In promos, you also select available words from the programme for exactly the same purpose.

It would be quite easy to argue that the words you select from the programme are far more effective at selling the show than the words you select from your vocabulary; making scene selection a vital "writing" skill.

• paper cut process: step 2
• previewing and logging
• selecting key moments
• list of soundbite types
• how to watch TV (like a pro)
• what parts of a show to log

Get set to learn one of the most important skills in promo producing! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to cram a 30 to 180 minute piece of entertainment into 30 seconds.

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For hoots & giggles, here's one of my logs for The African Queen
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African Queen Log

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