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Promo Workshop


This is the online brochure for the pro seminars & workshops presented by Charley Holland; a content creator, promo producer and entertainment marketer with over 30 years experience in the television industry.

The five training seminars cover key communication concepts with a view to cutting through the myths; and using your own common sense & logic to arrive at practical & useable ideas.

By taking the time out to analyse and identify the structures that are employed to build great communications, you and your team will be able to apply real change to where your organisation needs it most.

who can benefit

The courses are for companies:

• who use print & outdoor –– web & social media –– television & cinema;
• who communicate to large numbers of people;
• who are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their messages.

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The courses are presented at your company, anywhere in the world.

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About Promos

To paraphrase my introduction to promos video, Promos is the TV industry term for ads that sell TV shows or movies. There are several reasons why, as a profession, promo production has always been a bit of a mystery, because:

1/. In the wider business world "promos" means something else entirely.
(TV promos might be better described as point of sale marketing.)

2/. Most people have absolutely no idea about how much time and trouble goes into just a few seconds of television.

3/. Through formulaic format and intense repetition, we have trained viewers to ignore promos completely. Promos is to TV what spam is to email.

The Problem with Promos

The industry has enabled people to spool over ad breaks entirely; and, more and more people are experiencing completely ad-free viewing via the internet at sites both legal and otherwise.

Moreover, the business has identified promos as a "cost centre" and is doing its darnedest to produce them as cheaply as possible.

I'm forced to–– once more–– declare that I believe this to be a great shame; as promos, when done right, still have an incredible ability to steer a company's fortunes.

Your promo department has an achilles heel. You'll find it in the allocation and approval processes. What promo producers are being asked to make; and what therefore, is being approved to go to air; is all based around one thing:


Producers are being briefed to stay within the boundaries of a strict format. Often times competitor promos are shown as templates to copy.

Once the spots are produced, they are approved solely on how recognisable they are as promos. This is a massive, industry-wide problem.

But dont take my word for it...

In communications, familiarity breeds apathy.

Or, if you prefer somebody more trustworthy...

One wants to be the needle in the haystack, not a haystack.

Sure, it's a big machine. There are deadlines, tight budgets, a huge inventory of titles to promote. Nobody is saying that you have to blow up everything and turn every single spot into a million dollar event.

But eventually, every business realises one important thing:

if you want to stand out, be different

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