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Branding Structure Seminar/Workshop

And now ladies and gentlemen of the business world, for my next trick, I am going to use my special powers to peer into your company’s confidential financial records.

As I look into my crystal ball I can see that the last time you became involved in “a brand campaign” you spent a phenomenal amount of money which had almost no impact on your bottom line. Yes, it’s all very clear to me...

If you’re part of a business which has decided to “put branding on hold for now” then I have some information for you.

Branding is every bit as important as the products/services your company offers.
 It is the very link between your company and the people who purchase from you.

In spite of this, branding has a bad brand. And the reason for that is: branding has been redefined to focus on only the parts of the process that agencies and consultants can make money from.

This profitable segment typically involves logos, colour schemes, style guides, and various other aspects of visual identity... which has resulted in the terms ‘brand’, ‘branding’ and ‘packaging’ being used interchangeably.

These terms are not interchangeable.

And, if you and your team aren't able to succinctly distinguish between them, it is very definitely time to take branding off hold and get back into it.

There may well have been a time when you (or the people before you) sat down at the proverbial kitchen table, and mapped out a business plan for your company. It’s at this stage that your company’s brand should have been formulated.

That’s how essential branding is.

The good news is that many, if not most of the greatest gains to be made in the process can be made with surprisingly little financial outlay. You just need to take the time to get back to the kitchen table and figure it out.

This is the session you and your business have been waiting for. It’s a no-nonsense, detailed investigation of what branding really is, and how you can develop a real brand for your business.

Not only a unique take on the subject, this seminar/workshop is also a lot of fun to work with.

I provide a checklist of the seven things your brand needs to be; and the seven things that kill brands dead in their tracks.

This seminar/workshop will give everyone the basics; and help your team test the health of your company's current brand.

You can also use the workshop version of this session to develop a brand from scratch... by the time we are finished your team may actually have your company’s next real brand sitting right in front of them. If not, at very least, you will have all the tools you need to create one.

who can benefit

The entire company.
This is a seminar for everybody, from the CEO right down to the mail clerk.
After you have attended, you will understand exactly why!

"one of the best sessions I've ever attended...
and I've been going to these things since the '80s!"

branding challenge

Here's a great company branding test you can do right now...
Send out an email to a selection of your employees from various levels around your company. Ask them to immediately email you back with the answer to this simple question: "What’s our brand?"

If you get back a mix of answers, then get your key stakeholders to this seminar as quickly as possible!

For your brand to succeed it’s important that as many customers as possible share a common understanding of what your company’s brand actually is. Simple enough, right?

But for that to happen, your company needs to know:
• what the brand actually is;
• and more important than that... to know what branding actually is.


• seminar version duration 2 x 60 minutes
• workshop version duration 3 to 4 hours, with break.
• selected notes distributed on completion

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Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+

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