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Promo Workshop

Communications Structure Seminar

First comes your product and/or service... then, comes the need to get it sold.
To do that, you have to start telling people about it.
Whether you like it or not, that puts you in the communications business. Welcome.

We are born with the ability to communicate; we get good at it in the first years of our lives... but here we find ourselves trying to do something we took for granted years ago.

Take a deep breath and go right back to the beginning to discover what communication really is; as I introduce your team to the tools and techniques of master communicators... It's about all the stuff you already do, but never consciously had a name for.

By analysing examples of great persuasive communication from other companies in other markets and outlets, your team will be able to make their own conclusions about how great ads are structured.

Take this understanding and apply it to your company’s marketing, advertising, sales collateral, website, social media (etc) and you will be able to improve the effectiveness of any message; and build truly compelling communications from the ground up.

After this seminar, you and your team will know and have a shared, common language to describe what makes a message work and what makes it a flop... whether it's ready for air or print; or whether it needs to go back to the drawing board.

who can benefit

This seminar is for anyone in your company involved in communicating with your viewers and/or clients. This is not just for the writers and creators in your business, it's for the approvers and the distributors of your message as well.

• content creators
• media planners & schedulers
• marketing
• sales
• graphic design and production crew
• associated agencies and freelancers
• any brief givers and/or final approvers (to staff and agencies)

"thanks to you Charley,
I now see what I thought was a promo
was actually just noise."


• duration 4 x 40 minute modules.
• selected notes distributed on completion

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Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+

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