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Promo Workshop

Creativity Structure Seminar/Workshop

Creativity is like a mystic art.

What's more, everyone has their own way of being creative.

And whilst it is impossible to quantify creativity like you can, say, accountancy; there are principles that apply to the process of creativity.

This seminar/workshop provides an introduction to the creative motor that drives the world’s best persuasive communications.

Through analysing examples of effective advertising; participants are able to recognise and catalogue the various techniques that make the ad work.

We then flip the list around and start working on your company's current campaigns using the list of brain-triggers.

From there, your team can keep building their catalogue of techniques to use next time your company has a brainstorming session... or whenever they have to come up with a killer idea in a few minutes!

who can benefit

This seminar is especially for the black-belt creatives in your team.

• producers
• copywriters
• art directors
• associated agencies and freelancers
• anybody who loves a puzzle

"just to let you know, that an idea I came up with
using your technique just won me a gold promax."


• seminar version duration 90 minutes
• workshop version duration 3 to 4 hours
• selected notes distributed on completion

demo reel

click here to see some examples of spots conceived by Charley Holland
using the techniques taught in this seminar.

read charley's rant on creativity here.

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Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+

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