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Promo Workshop

Keynote Speeches

Almost all of my seminars are available as keynote speeches for conferences or off-sites.

What makes them so successful is that are real excerpts from the pro seminars; not just thinly-disguised sales pitches.

Below are some of my more recent and popular keynotes.

the #1 skill every promo producer should have

This top-rated session has been delivered to conferences and companies around the world.

The revolution in television that has been decades promised is now actually happening. You're in the middle of it. The audience is fragmenting into ever-smaller chunks; yet promos, while being shorter than ever before, are being required to work harder than ever before.

Take a big deep breath as we go back to the basics... the basics the whole industry desperately needs to return to. You're about to go on a theoretical journey to the very, very beginning... to the one thing that is the core foundation of our business; that, these days it seems, hardly ever even rates a mention.

the one mistake every promo department makes

Mistakes. Everybody makes them.
Every promo department makes them.

Of course, some promo departments make more than others…
but there’s the one mistake every promo department makes.

Charley Holland will share with you all the ways the promo business can drop the ball; stuff up; fall asleep at the wheel; and generally get it wrong.

And, just like the title says, Charley will reveal the one thing that holds back the entire industry.



Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+

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