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Promo Workshop

Storytelling Structure Seminar

Storytelling has become the new marketing buzzword; because people in business are waking up to the fact that it's at the foundation of all sales-craft.

Storytelling, it turns out, is what makes us human. It is a powerful tool to make any selling proposition naturally compelling. People spend massive amounts of their precious money and time involved watching other people live their lives; and it's this human desire to learn and grow through emotional connections that, once understood, can take brands from mediocre to memorable.

This seminar cuts through the hype to reveal what storytelling really is; and most importantly, what it can and can't do for your business.

By unlocking the secrets of what viewers find so captivating about TV & movies; and applying this understanding to the marketing of your products and services; you can better understand what you are really selling; and improve almost every aspect of your business.

who can benefit

This seminar is for anyone in your company looking for better ways to understand what motivates people to buy what they buy.

• management
• producers
• marketing
• sales
• graphic designers
• associated agencies and freelancers
• any brief givers and/or final approvers (to staff and agencies)
• programming and/or acquisition departments
• in-house drama and/or script development departments

"thank you for sharing your expertise.
because of you, my team are motivated and inspired."


• duration 70 - 120 minutes
• selected notes distributed on completion

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Charley Holland is a content creator with 30 years experience in the TV industry. He is reasonably underwhelmed by social media, which is why you can find him on Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Google+


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