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Tweed: so prevalent, it gets its own section

Acronym of: That’s What Everyone Else Does.

Something that is done without purposeful strategy or thought;
but feels like, or is justified as, the right thing to do:
• because it is commonplace, or
• because (in business) competitors and colleagues are doing it.


Tweed is more than merely one company copying its opposition, tweed reflects the management's overwhelming fear of failure; leading to the practice that any given idea can't be any good unless it can be shown that someone else has tried it and it has worked for them.

Tweeds can be fads.

Specifically, tweeds are single (often misattributed) aspects of another organisation’s success. The thinking is that the same tweeds applied to another company will generate similar results.

Mission statements, logos, taglines, websites, facebook and twitter accounts are all examples of tweed in corporate marketing.

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